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1. What is a virtual event?

Virtual event is a form of online event in which attendees follow content, network with each other, sell, buy etc. via computer or mobile device. The structure of virtual events follows the form and structure of in-person events but is completely web-based built in different spaces functionalities. It is easy to participate in a virtual event as you can join it anytime and anywhere which in turn reduces the need to travel as well as saves time for attendees. Any event can be organized in a virtual form, whether it is a seminar, a concert or in-house training.
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2. Why host a virtual event?

Virtual events scale cost-effectively from a small event to larger ones. When the attendee numbers increase, there is no need to alter the seating arrangement in the venue. A virtual event is the best way to host an event when your attendees are joining from all over the world. This makes participation to the event more equal, as the costs are often lower. Despite the event being online, the attendees can meet each other via video calls, chat with each other and be interactively involved in many different ways like for example voting or answering diffent polls. Virtual events are easier to market after the event and the recording of the event can be utilized in marketing. Virtual events are also time flexible because there is no need to clear the space the same way as there would be for example in a lecture hall. There will be different kind of data that can be collected and it can easily be exported to CRM or other marketing systems.
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Finnish Association for Mental Health’s cooperation with Liveto on their first virtual event

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3. Event without borders

It is really easy to increase or limit the size of a virtual event according to the needs of your event. In just a push of a button, you can create different rooms and spaces can hold people from one up to thousands. Your event scales based on the size of your event and the amount of your contect. Participating in a virtual event is easy on any computer or on a mobile device regardless of time and place. The most important thing is that attendees has a modern day internet connection available.

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4. All that you need and more

In a virtual event the attendees can be offered almost all the same things as in in-person events and sometimes even more. It is easy to navigate the content and consume the materials depending on their own interests and when it is the most convenient. Networking with new people is extremely easy and the attendees can tell about themselves, services they offer or catch up with old acquaintances. In virtual events the communication with each other can take place in different chat conversations, group videos or chats as well as in 1-to-1 video calls. Meeting people is different online than in-person, but there is a place for both depending on your event objectives.

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5. What should be considered when organizing a virtual event?

When organizing a virtual event, it is very important to reserve enough time to learn new things and getting to know the structure of virtual events. It might come as a surprise to many that these events will take time to set up, just as it would take time to set up an in-person event. Virtual events are not just about “setting up Teams”. You need to be plan the content, design the event, plan the schedules etc. in the same way as you would in other forms of events. Virtual events may need additional people like producers, directors and other things that might be new to many planners. You may need equipment for streaming etc. So make sure that you plan your event wisely and focus on your event needs and objectives.

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Changing the event in to a virtual form increased the number of attendees in the MYSKI project

The Sales Competence to Growth Center project (MYSKI) is a joint project of Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the University of Oulu and the Education Association OSAO. Myski project improves sales expertise in the Oulu region.

The event was supposed to be an in-person event, but it was forced to move to a virtual platform due to circumstances. However, this turned out to be a great thing, as the attendees took part in the virtual event all over from Finland. According to Project Planner Kaihua, the virtual event was convenient because attendees were able to come to the event from their home couches or from their workplace. A virtual event does not bind its participants to any specific place, and can be attended from almost anywhere.

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Elina Kaihua

Project Planner / MYSKI project Explore other customer stories

6. Learn more about organizing virtual events in our webinars and blogs

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Expert webinars to help you organize a virtual event

We are constantly organizing webinars where visiting experts help to better understand the laws of event management.

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Virtual Event Academy will help you become a champion of events!

Liveto’s Virtual Event Academy consists of twelve episodes where you’ll be guided to planning a virtual event and the most critical phases of it. Duration of the videos are approx. 2-5 minutes, so we advise every virtual event organizers to go through these videos before working on the practical execution of the event.
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Checklist for virtual event organizers

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