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Live, virtual and hybrid events

The only platform you need for creating delightful event experiences. Get all the essential tools for different event types.

Industry leading buying experience

Generate more sales by creating better user experiences. Start creating meaningful event experiences now.

Collect, own and utilize your event data

Grow your event business by utilizing your event data. As the data registrar you have access to it all.

API first

Our platform is supercharged with modern API solutions, which helps us integrate our platform to any necessary services.

Your event is unique.

We have a bunch of best practises for different event types from setting up sales and monetizing whole event experience. Select your event type to see how we can help.

Virtual events

Hybrid events

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Stream events


Trade fair shows

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We help you to monetize your event piece by piece

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Let’s get streamed! Are you planning to organize a virtual event? We provide the best possibilities to make that happen! During the livestream, you can also sell merchandise and utilize chat-services.

Customer info

Utilize the customer data in the most effective way! With our service you can easily manage your event’s customer data.

Parking fees

No one wants parking surprises, therefore it’s polite to cover this too. Make peoples lives easier and manage parking resources beforehand and avoid traffic jams.

Email service

Keep your contacts close! Collecting customer data has never been easier! From ready-made lists you can easily send emails to your customers.

We’re here for you!


Maximize your and your partners ROI of the event. Add merchandise as a part of your event sales and create unforgettable event experiences.


Setup deals with your accommodation partners and add those as a part of the sales flow. By arranging these deals you can earn few extra bucks.


Create more opportunities to your customers by offering VIP-packages. You can monetize your event further and make your customers feel special at the same time!


People want to know how to get to the venue the easiest. Offer transportation services and make peoples lives easier.


Create blazing fast ticket sales flows, add discount codes, data tracking and product variants and you are ready to go!

Food & beverage packages

Don’t focus only on ticket sales – people want to save time and money by buying servings in advance. Offer effortless solution for this.

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Creating growth together

In addition to getting to use the modern, customizable platform, you will also have access to dozens of Liveto’s employees who possess years of experience in implementing all sorts of events and technical solutions. You will have Live Day Support with technical assistance and the best customer support all in the same package. No matter what kind of event you have, demanding B2B events to just event ticketing service, we are here to help.

Defining your needs

Liveto’s experts will discuss with you and help you to determine the technical needs of your event, help you to choose the right tools to make your event a success. Our experts will help you to set up measurable goals, first looking at the big picture and then set up the next steps with you to start working on setting up your event.

Creating your event

Depending on the nature of your event, we will create your virtual environment, event store, setup registration or discount codes for your products. You will receive login information for the dashboard of your event where you can edit, fix or change things about your event, no matter where you are.

Starting Customer Acquisition

Now it is time to start to engage with your audience and make sure that you get the right people to attend your event. Your designated Customer Success Manager will help you throughout the life cycle of your event, help you with every day matters to make sure that you and your event will succeed. You will never be alone. We have various different tools for reporting, analyzing and marketing tools that will be at your disposal.

Offering Experiences

When the day of your event arrives, the lobby of your virtual event will be exciting and different from what your audience is used to, the attendees in your physical event will smoothly be able to enter the event with the ticket scanning app that we can offer. You will receive a checklist from Liveto before the event of all the things that you need to take into consideration, so that you know what to do with live, virtual or hybrid event forms. Then you have a successful event.

Managing the Growth

After the event, you can focus on the analytics that you received from your event, and together with your Customer Success Manager, you will go through your event and see parts where improvements could be made and where are the places to grow. You will be able to plan the growth of your event and take advantage of the data and tools to better understand your attendees, with GDPR taken into consideration.
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What’s next?

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Our rock solid Customer Success Team helps you all the way towards succesful event.