Liveto is the best event sales service on the markets

The new standard for event sales - Sell more, more easily. Liveto's platfom can handle event organizers ticket sales, by-products and even accomodations. Bring the intelligent event sales shop to your website in no time, and start selling your event. Maximize your own sales channels and bring the best shopping experience to your customers.


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A service that hundrets of event organizers trust

”Liveton avulla teimme kisojen 100-vuotisen historian lipunmyynti ennätyksen!”

Pasi Valoranta, Kalevan Kisat


Event sales shop for all platforms

You´ve used time and money creating your websites, so why not take every last bit out of it! Liveto´s Dropshop can be embedded to any website seamlessly in couple minutes. If any problems should occur while setupping the shop, our customer service is here to help you throughout the embedding process. Give your customers a chance to buy their tickets straight from your website, and let your customers have a superior shopping experience!

Customer stories reveals the truth

We have done cooperation with all kinds of events and event organizers! Check out our colorful customer portfolio and let them tell you what ware their thoughts about Liveto.


We are not only talking about the ticket sales.

With our service you can sell more than just tickets example, merchandise, parking tickets and VIP-lounges. That is why Liveto is event sales service not just a ticket sales service. The more you can sell different products in advance the more the organizer can secure income from the event. This is also better service for the customer, because all the necessary can be bought in advance – lets make it simple


CEO’s 2 minute pitch of the service

Liveto’s know-how is based on tens of years influence of the event- and IT businesses. Service is developed to meet the needs of today’s event sales. Check out the 2 minute video and be impressed of the service.

So easy!

The service is easy to use with all devices . You can create your own event shop under just in five minutes. Bringing event shop on your own site does not require coder skills – we provide all the necessary tools, tips and guidance on getting you startted.


No need for app

You don’t need to create your own app for your event, shop works responsively on all platforms and devices. Focus on making a great website to your event and just add the event shop – we will take care of the rest!

Blog for anyone who's interested about events

Liveto's blog is all about events, and everything related to events. In the blog, you can get tips and advises how to create your own event! Some blog postings have quests such Hans-Peter Siefen From Nordic Business Forum and Momondo´s Head of Marketing Jenna Perus.

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