In-person events

Secure and easy-to-use event path and platform for events within your company or organization

Use the Sales store to sell everything related to your event

Liveto is a comprehensive service for your event. We will generate an event page for your event to -address and a possibility for embed dropshop for your own page. With Liveto you will get unlimited sales options: sell transportations, accomodations, merchandise and tickets from the same event page! You can edit sales settings easily from Liveto’s systems – or give the responsibility of sales to our Customer Success Manager, who will build and manage the sales for you.
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Unlimited sales options

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Sales reports in real-time

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Event sales solutions, reports and data – all easily related to the sales of your event

Follow sales reports in real-time and collect important data with Liveto. We have worked successfully with multiple event organizers – whether you held sports-, festival- or fair-events, we have the right services for you! Easy-going service and platform for all your events.
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Content for live events:


Download our free guide and read tips to help you organize your own event. This guide is made especially for you, who are not yet experienced event organizers, but are interested in producing your own event.
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Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.