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Event Management Tools
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Everything for event management

You can stop looking for the best event management system, you have now found the one! From Liveto you get all the tools you need for successful event management. Pick the tools you need from our various features and add more along the way.
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Event pages – Create personalized event pages easily! With our easy-to-use system you bring all the content you want for your pages. and don’t forget your brand manual because the pages can be personalized just the way you want it!
Registrations and ticket sales – With Liveto’s easy-to-use form editor you can create personalized registration forms. And in addition, you can sell tickets, accommodations, transports and merchandise – whatever pops in your mind! You can embed all this straight to your own website.
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Forms and feedback – Personalized forms can be used for example on registrations, collecting questions or feedback. With liveto you can collect all the information that you need because you set the questions!
Communication and invites – Stay in touch with the attendees before, during and after the event with personalized messages. All me messages can be personalized according to your brand: colors, fonts, you name it!
Polls – Personalized and versatile polls create a finishing touch to communication. With this tool you can for example collect feedback with questions and answer options you want. All data from polls is collected to Liveto’s system where you can download it to your device easily.
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Event Management Tools at Your Disposal

Event Management Tools

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All the features you need
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With Liveto You Can Succeed

The Best Support for the Event Organizer

With Liveto you save time, money and nerves! We can manage the system for you and you can concentrate on your other tasks.

Real-time Changes

Make changes in real-time, for example to attendee forms or add tickets to sale – it only takes a couple of minutes!

Management and Reports

From Liveto you can follow sales, registrations and attendee information. And of course you can download these reports any time you need!

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