Replace studio space with remote directing and save money

Remote directing
Bring the speakers remotely into the broadcast
Create a broadcast without a studio
Cost effective and easy to set up
Reduces travel and saves nature

A convenient way to do a broadcast

With remote directing, you can provide a professional live stream at a reasonable price to virtual- and hybrid events. Live stream with a remote directing is created without a studio and all the speakers or other performers are joining the stream remotely. Speakers can join for example from Zoom or Teams and the producer connects them to the stream.

Remote directing is based on the work executed by the producer, who controls what is seen on the live stream. Producer is a live stream professional and is in control of the stream. If your event team does not already have an experienced producer, it is recommended to outsource it to a professional.

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Guidance, counseling and support

Producer guides speakers with the video meet tool, for example Zoom and lets the speakers know when it is their turn to perform. Producer makes sure that the live stream broadcast goes on as planned and on time. Even though the producer is on the stream to guide and help the speakers, he or she will not be visible on the actual stream.
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Professional and spectacular broadcast

Liveto has produced remote directed live streams to many virtual- and hybrid events with professional and visual outcome.
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Producer’s support and help during the whole event
  • Speakers guidance before and during the event
  • Connecting speakers to the stream
  • Remote control with Liveto’s professional 790 euros per day
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