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Choose the right tools for your event. You can add more features and functionalities later on.

Event Management Tools

190 €
 / month
1290 €
 / event

Unlimited use (annual contract)

Manage registration, communication and data.

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All of the ticket sales tools
Unlimited events
Unlimited number of participants
Unlimited number of users
Enrollment Tools
Customizable questionnaires
Branded appearance in forms and contents
Branded and automated emails

Virtual and Webinar platform

490 €
 / month
990 €
 / event

Unlimited use (annual contract)

Create branded virtual events and webinars.

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Branded virtual or webinar platform
Live streams and recordings
Multiple spaces: lobby, partners, content, programs, discussions
A networking tool
Interactive surveys and polls
Group workspaces
Video calls and chat
Material bank

Ticket sale

0 €

ServicService fee per product €1.5 – €4.5

Sell ​​tickets and other products for your event.

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Service fee per product €1.5 – €4.5
?– When the price of the product is €00.01 – €9.99, the service fee is €1.5
– When the price of the product is €10.00 – €19.99, the service fee is €2.50
– When the price of the product is €20.00 – €49.99, the service fee is €3.50
– When the price of the product is €50.00 or more, the service fee is €4.50
Create unlimited events
Create unlimited products
Personalized event pages
Defining access rights for the organization
An Event Shop that can be embedded on your own website

Event App

190 €
 / month
1290 €
 / event

Unlimited use (annual contract)

Improve the participant experience with the Event App.

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A branded look
Customizable content and structure (speakers, maps, etc.)
Interactive chat and communication environments
Replaces the traditional program leaflet the traditional manu program leaflet
Feedback surveys
No download required, works browser-based
Concentrate and save

All Inclusive

690 €

/ month

All tools and features conveniently in one place

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Unlimited use of all the tools mentioned above
The price depends entirely on the level of use of the service
+ On-boarding package from €1690 + VAT

Choose value – Choose Liveto

Save money.

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You only pay for one service but you get to choose all the tools you need. Add more tools later on if needed. With Liveto you only pay for the tools you need.

Save time.

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Only use one service and save time. No more hopping around from one service provider to another.

All data in one place.

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When you use one service for all your events, you collect the data to the same place too. Check all the data and reports from one place.

Always stay on top of the situations.

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Manage the operations and reports yourself in real-time.

Professional help.

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Liveto’s event professionals will help and guide you throughout the project.

What Does the Partnership With Liveto Look Like?

1. Making the Contract & Startup Meeting

Contract is made by the event type, characteristics and needs of the event.

Starting the project and deciding next steps. Your own Customer Success Manager will take the lead on the project from now on.

2. Joint Meetings and Event Processing

Meetings with Customer Success Manager through the process, depending on the event type there can be meetings on sales or registrations, marketing and communication, streaming and virtual platform. After meetings the work on the event continues as agreed, following the set deadlines that have been agreed earlier.

3. Going Live

Depending on the event, it’s sales or registrations and the event page opens.

4. Event Starts!

Event is live for the attendees! If the event is virtual-, or hybrid event the virtual platform also opens for the attendees.

5. Feedback Meeting

Going through the full process with the Customer Success Manager and talking about upcoming projects and events


Can I test Liveto’s services for free?

Contact us for a free demo!

Can I use Liveto independently?

Liveto’s platform is easy to use and you can organize events with it independently. Liveto’s professionals hold training sessions about the platform.

Do I get my own contact person from Liveto?

Your own Customer Success Manager will help you through the process. Depending on the contract, the manager will also use Liveto’s platform on your behalf.

Can I also get stream techniques for my virtual- or hybrid event from Liveto?

From Liveto’s partners you get professionals to execute the live streams and we will handle contacting them and making the contract. You can also get quality remote directing from us.

Where can I find references?

You can see our customer experiences on our websites on Resources.

I want to know more about Liveto’s service and prices, who do I contact?

We would love to answer your questions! Contact us and let’s talk more.

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Open integrations
Customizable UI
Rest API
Modern framework

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What’s next?

Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.