Events for your companies’ customers or partners and internal events for your peers

Organize successful events no matter from where your customers are attending

Create events for your companies’ customers or partners and internal events for your peers. Virtual event brings together participants from different cities and countries effortlessly. We understand the importance of networking in your events and therefore offer diverse networking possibilities right there on the event platform.

Create imposing virtual expo rooms on our event platform, where you can show your companies work and partners. Virtual event continues the story and lifetime of your event – Liveto’s platform can stay open for months after the event has already ended. Liveto’s platform has been used for example in many successful product launches and webinars. Expand your network – make your event virtual!

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Diverse networking possibilities

All platform features →

Impressive and personalized virtual platform for hybrid- and virtual events

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Registrations and sales tools

All platform features →

These and many other features in your use:

  • Networking tools – making new contacts has never been this easy
  • Chat messages in real-time – spike up a conversation between the participants on Liveto’s platform
  • Material banks – bring your text, pictures, videos and PDF -documents to event platform
  • Language options – Liveto’s event platform is available in multiple languages
  • Event App – connect participants in live and virtually
  • Profile – Virtual event participants with Liveto’s profile can fill in information to help with the networking, for example their work title or link to LinkedIn profile
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We make it easy

for event organizers who have chosen Liveto

Whether your event is B2B or B2C, Liveto’s event platform is the right choice. You can create genuine encounters between people and make networking easy with private messages and meetings on the platform. Virtual event platform can be built with different languages or language combos, for example in English and in Finnish.

Remember that the customer experience starts way before the event – so keep the route to your event simple! Liveto offers you the tools to collect and follow registrations in real time, while it stays easy for the participants.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I sell tickets or collect registrations with Liveto?

You can easily sell tickets or collect registrations and participation information through Liveto. Your event will have its own page on -address and also a possibility for embed dropshop to your own website.

Can I manage who can join the virtual event?

There are multiple ways to set participation rights and manage who can enter the event platform. We will help you to choose the option that is right for your event!

Can we affect the visual appearance of the virtual platform?

Personalized appearance can be created to event platform with colours and your materials.

Can participants network on the virtual event platform?

Networking is possible on the event platform with messages, group discussions, meetings and video calls – without ever leaving the platform!

How can we host group discussions or workshops?

Group discussions and workshops are possible with Jitsi meet -tool embedded in the platform. This tool also has break rooms feature to make your workshops even better!

Can our partners somehow be visible on the platform?

Yes, partners can be visible on the platform in many ways! For example, virtual stands for partners or their logos/ads on your event’s tickets!

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How to organize internal and external hybrid events? Our free guide will help you plan and host your event, download it from here.
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Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.