Unforgettable event experience starts before event

Trade Fair Shows
Dropshop® – the easiest way to sell
Real-time sales & analytics reports
Visitor count monitoring
Selling with retail POS
Segmented customer data
Solutions for customer registration
Integrations with public transportation

It’s simply easy!

Save time and money by using Liveto’s self-service platform. We are here to help you with your event. We offer all the tools and resources you will need to run a successful event business.

Monitor visitor count in trade fairs by using our service. We also offer practical solutions for example selling with retail POS.
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We help you to monetize your event

Food & Beverage

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Don’t focus only on ticket sales, people want to save time and money by buying servings in advance. Offer an effortless solution for this.


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Maximize your and your partners ROI of the event. Add merchandise as a part of your event sales and create unforgettable event experiences.


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With our Dropshop® you’ll add new layer to experience of your devoted customers. Well served customer comes back.

Unique Trade Fair Experience

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Create an amazing event experience by offering your customers a chance to buy travel tickets and accommodation via one purchasing process. With Liveto it’s easy!

5 steps to improve an event pricing strategy

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Importance and diversity of payment methods for the event

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Global diversity of payment methods

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You name it. Liveto Event Sales Platform gets you covered.

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Not convinced yet? See, how our Dropshop® fits on your event page.

Fits perfectly on your event page

Most valuable thing is your event and customer data, make the best out of it!

Take the data where it belongs and maximize your events and businesses marketing processes. Liveto offers API integrations to Mailchimp and Hubspot Connect. You can now easily bring your events customer data to your marketing and CRM-systems and make it rain! GDPR wise event organizers are always the data owners in our house.
No compliance headaches
Security engineered into Liveto
Robust account protection tools
It’s your data, not ours

What’s next?

Where there’s will there’s a way. Our rock solid customer success team helps you all the way towards succesfull event.