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Virtual event platform
Personalized virtual platform
Ready-to-use templates and easy-to-use editor to help you build the event platform
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Virtual Platform for Every Small and Big Event

Liveto’s virtual event platform is flexible and suitable for all event sizes according to the event’s needs. With our virtual platform you can host big virtual- and hybrid events with tools for engagement and networking. No matter the event and its size, Liveto offers you a platform that is easy to use and definitely liked by attendees.
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All you need, for example…

Login Options

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Choose the right log in options for your event. Free entry with log in, log in with Liveto account, log in with secret link or identify the registrations. All of these are login options when you use Liveto’s platform! For attendees all of them are easy and don’t require special IT skills.

Desired Number of Virtual Rooms

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With Liveto you can decide the number, names, visual aspects and content of the rooms – everything can be personalized! Lobby, event organizer’s room, partner rooms and exhibitions, material banks, streams and recordings are usual rooms in virtual events.

Chat, Private Messages and Private Video Calls

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Attendees and event organizers can communicate easily in chat. Names and quantity of the chats are up to the event organizer. Private messages and video calls make one-to-one communication easy and effortless between the attendees, organizers and partners.


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From Liveto you will find great tools for engagement for interactive virtual events. Polls, engagement score, meeting invites and group video discussion with breakout rooms make sure that the experience won’t be passive.


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Virtual event data made understandable. Download reports straight from Liveto and measure your event’s success.

They, too, trust Liveto

Everything You Need and More

A virtual event platform at your disposal

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A branded virtual event platform
Live streams and recordings
And much more…

Virtual Platform that is Easy to Personalize

All aspects of Liveto’s virtual platform can be personalized according to the brand and size of the event. Choose the features and tools that are suitable for your event and create a meaningful experience for the attendees!
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Interactive Experience

All communication and networking is easy on Liveto’s virtual event platform! Chat, private messages and video calls, group discussions and other features make sure that no one is left alone and bored in your event. We will help you to choose the right engagement and networking tools for your event!
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Easy-to-use editor

Ever dreamed of building your own virtual platform? With us you can make those dreams come true! Liveto’s own virtual platform editor is so easy to use that you don’t need any programming skills. To help you build the platform of your dreams, we gift you ready-to-use templates and layouts for spectacular events. Or, if your hands are already full, our Customer Success Managers are happy to build the platform for you – it’s your decision!
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Tools to create the best virtual platform

Event Industry Professionals at Your Service

Liveto’s staff are all professionals from the event industry with years of experience. We are proud to say that Liveto’s knowledge is highly respected especially when it comes to virtual events.

Best One in the Industry

Organizing virtual events has never been this easy or fast! From our various features and tools you can choose the ones you need. Don’t forget we offer more than just a virtual platform, do you need for example registration tools?

Unforgettable Experiences

Who said that it is hard to create experiences from virtual events? We don’t deny challenges that may occur but we offer the solutions. Excellent customer journey, memorable details and interactive elements are key factors in making virtual events. With us you will succeed!
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