Easy and Unlimited Ticket Sales with Liveto

Ticket Sales Tools
Sell ​​tickets directly from your website
Create a staged buying path and sell more
In addition to tickets, sell accommodation, meals or whatever

Event Shop Environment

Create stunning event shop with great sales conversion straight to your events website. Personalize the shop with your brand and tone of voice and you are ready to go. Create a sales path with less clicks and make it easier for you and the customers!
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Join good company

They, too, trust Liveto

Multiphase shop will generate more sales

Create a purchase path where you can sell multiple products in different phases and offer everything the customer needs during the same sales flow. You can add your and your partners products to the same process. With Liveto, you get Finland’s most common payment methods, billing and international payment method option! Sell basically anything you want!
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Ticket Sales Tools For You

Ticket Sales Tools

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Create unlimited events and products
Personalized event pages and the Event Shop
And much more…

Real-time data and reports

Follow sales, registrations and other data in real-time – when using Liveto you are always on top of the situation. You can always log in to Liveto’s system and check all data and reports.
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More Sales Easier

Create Better User Experiences

Create a smooth user experience by keeping your customers on the same page throughout the process and providing everything they need upfront. You keep customers satisfied and your brand first.

Generate More Sales

The simpler the sales process, the better. When sales start on your website by pressing a button, the sales conversion always improves. Pre-sell anything from parking tickets to VIP packages – only limited by your imagination.

Own Event Data

Your event, your data. Grow your event business with smart data. You are the data controller, so you are free to enrich your existing customer databases with it by utilizing our interface integrations.
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Liveto’s customer service was worth its weight in gold and answers were received quickly.
Aki Karkulahti Main Producer of the event / #synty

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