Privacy Policy / Privacy Statement


This leaflet is an extended Privacy Statement, which describes the privacy policy requirements under the GDPR Regulation, which will take effect on May 25, 2018.


Date created 24.05.2018

Privacy Policy according to section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

1. Data controller

Liveto Group Oy, Adress: Nisulankatu 78, 40720, Jyväskylä, Finland

Y-tunnus: 2647803-7

Registers contact person: Antti Korhonen,, +35829-1800280

Data Protection Officer (DPO): Antti Korhonen,, +35829-1800280


2. Contact persons

Registers contact person: Antti Korhonen,, +35829-1800280

Data Protection Officer (DPO): Antti Korhonen,, +35829-1800280


3. Name of the register

Liveto Group Ltd’s customer- user and marketing register


4. Basis for the register

Personal data are processed with the consent or assignment of the data subject or on the basis of a customer or membership relationship.


5. Use of the register

The personal data of the data subject are processed for the maintenance, management and development of Liveto’s customer and / or membership relationships, for the design, analysis, statistics, service and product production, provision, development, monitoring and control of abuses and for marketing, market research and marketing of Liveto and its affiliates and their partners. and marketing competitions.



The categories of persons whose data can be processed are the contact person of the controller, the persons involved in the controller, the users of the Liveto service, the participants in the Liveto event, or the marketing authorization.

The register may, inter alia, deal with the information necessary for the purpose of the register contained in the following categories of data:


(a) basic information on the transaction entity’s client or event community, such as name and contact details (address, e-mail address, telephone number) and contact name and contact details;

(b) information relating to the customer relationship between the controller and the data subjects, such as order information, event attendance information, possible direct marketing authorizations and prohibitions, as well as other communication and information related to the service between the parties.

(c) data relating to the data subject, such as forename, surname, address information, contact information, date of birth, position, employer, sex, mother tongue, username and password, information obtained through the use of the application and the various functions contained therein, related to the use of the Liveto service or its ancillary service maintained by the controller; such as location information and information provided by the user in the application.

(d) Registered transaction and transaction information on the Website of the Controller on various websites, information on behavior on websites, and other relevant grouping information, participation in events, information entered into events, contact with customer service, and contact with other Liveto employees and services, as well as information related to subscription of the Newsletter.

(e) the first and last name of the data subject registered for the controller event and any contact details and information given to the event. Registration or purchase information entered by the registered self may include, for example, the following information: email, phone number, address, date of birth, allergy information, passport number or personal ID.

6. Register information sources

Customer Information, Customer Information System and Billing Database, Web Site, Blog and Newsletter Usage and Dealer Information, Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service System Information, Mobile Application and Liveto Service Usage Data, Partners, and Companies and Authorities Providing Personal Information Services.

7. Date extradite

Liveto acts as an intermediary for services on behalf of the event organizer. The information is provided to the organizer of the event in question at any given time. Liveto can also provide information for direct marketing purposes. The data subject may deny the use and disclosure of his / her data for direct marketing. Due to the technical implementation of data processing, some of the information may be physically located on the servers of subcontractors outside Liveto, which are processed through a technical connection. Data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, such as the United States, unless it is necessary for the technical implementation of the service. In such cases, sufficient information security and registry processing are provided by EU-U.S. – Using the Privacy Shield, or by contract, using model clauses approved by the EU Commission.

8. Register protection

The data is collected in common databases of the service, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Databases are located in locked and guarded spaces and access to the data is restricted to certain predefined persons.

9. Right to check and edit information

Pursuant to section 26 of the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to verify which information concerning him / her has been stored in the personal register. The request for verification must be sent in writing and signed by:

Liveto Group Oy, Antti Korhonen, Nisulankatu 78, 40720, Jyväskylä

An inspection request may also be presented personally at the address mentioned above.