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1. What is an in-person event?

In-person event, often referred to as a live event, is any event in which the performer and the participants are in the same space at the same time. In-person events can be anything from a concert to theatre. In-person events always require a venue, be it indoors or outdoors. There may be several different spaces or areas in an in-person event, but participants will see the performers in the same space as they are.
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2. Why host an in-person event?

In-person events are the basic form of an event and they have been organized for a long time. Humans are social beings who want to share an experience with others like them. If the in-person event is small it is also cost effective. Bigger events require more arrangements, different parties to execute the events and permits. In-person events are a good way to connect people with each other and work well for internal events, for example.
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3. Event connects us

In-person events are a great way for bringing people together. They are a good choice for celebrating something or someone for example or for an event where there is a great impact in having people in the same place at the same time.

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4. Things related to the event

In-person events often need several different parties to be able to take place, there must be a venue in which to organize the event and often these events also include catering. In order to make the event happen, these events often need the venue to be arranged in different ways, such as creating different auditoriums or include some sort of other facilitation. It is also good to take into account that various partners such as different vendors and presenters can bring more for the participant experience. When there are a lot of people at an event, it should also be taken into consideration how they will be instructed on site and how their safety is guaranteed while attending.

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5. What should be considered when organizing an in-person event?

In-person events require the organizer to consider things before, during and after the event. Before the event takes place, it is important to make sure that all the different permits have been taken and a venue has been secured in addition to all other arrangements that are needed for the execution of the event. Especially in larger events where there are a larger amount of attendees, it is important to think and plan in advance for all possible situations where the size of the crowd will be affecting. What different parties are needed for the event implementation and executions? What to expect and what to look out for? How to sell tickets or handle the registrations etc.?

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