Register your guest with ease

Build fully customazible registration flows for your event. Add custom questions, follow up in real time and integrate all this to your existing communication and CRM-systems. Sounds good right?
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Register, sell and accommodate in one process

You can now create simple multiphase processes for delighting your attendees. Create simple and beautiful online processes where your attendees can handle all their needs at once. Our API supercharged platform enables data export anywhere in your event ecosystem. Create delightful experiences your attendees remember!
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Create stunning registration flows and gather effortlessly all the attendee data you value the most.

Attendee Data Management

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Liveto’s attendee data management tools enables you to see all the necessary attendee information at a glance. No more jumping around with different reports – Liveto is all you need to manage all the user data effortlessly in one place. Filter, analyze and setup different user groups – we got everything you need covered.

Event Communication

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Connect with your crowd in all the important contact and datapoints. Create customizable WhatsApp-messages and personalized confirmation emails for your event attendees and make your event unforgettable. You can also integrate your existing communication tools such as Mailchimp to your Liveto account and keep all the communication processes where you are.

Tickets & Payments

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As a part of registrations you can now sell tickets, merchandice, transportation and accommodation services to your customers. All can be easily added to the same salesflow, which makes the user experience superb! Payments and transactions can be directed straight to your own bank account.

Personalized Event Page

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Create personalized event pages just within minutes. Use the event page as a marketing and sales channel, where you can direct all the user traffic. Add beautiful pictures and all the relevant event information to your event page and you are ready to go.

Eventshop at Your Homepage

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If you wish to keep all the user traffic and processes at your events and companys website, you can establish that with Liveto’s integratable eventshop. Bring the branded eventshop which contains all the processes which you prefer to your website just in 10 minutes. Avoid redirecting the customers to multiple domains with the help of Liveto. Shop works in any website.

Reports & Analytics

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See all the user, attendee and sales data from one place. Create reporting groups for your production team or share dedicated reports with your event partners. Liveto contains all the essentials reporting tools you need for creating successful event businesses.

Forms & Questionnaires

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Collect feedback and conduct surveys before, during and after the event. Engage with your attendees with customized questionnaires and raise your awareness regarding your event. Follow the feedback from your user panel in real time and react to the most important development ideas straight away.

Scanner Application

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Scan all the attendees during the welcoming process at your venue without any extra hassle. Scanner application works seamlessly on any Android device. People flow reports are generated in real time from the scanned data that you collect during your awesome event. With the help of scanners and people flow reports you know exactly who has arrived, when and which gate was the most crowded.

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Good communications is the key

Create personal greeting messages, add informative registration descriptions and keep all participants up to date about your event in different mailing groups. Everything regarding your event communications can and will be handled in one platform without any extra hassle.
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