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Organize recruitment events virtually or as a hybrid

Virtual recruiting events became a big hit during the last few years. When you offer a possibility to attend the event virtually, the event is a lot easier to approach, from all over the world! Of course, you can bring in-person and virtual events together with a hybrid execution. Liveto’s platform is capable of implementing all of these event types easily. We want to ensure good possibilities for event’s participants to network and meet recruiters: all participants with Liveto profile can fill in useful information to their profile. For example, education, current title, picture and link to LinkedIn profile are all information that you can add to your profile. Participants can join different user groups, like job applicants or recruiters, which makes the networking even more easier!
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Event platform for both virtual- and hybrid events

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Profile made for networking

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Use the event platform to organize real encounters and diverse ways to network

Liveto’s platform enables genuine meetings and encounters between people. Following features are available for networking: private messages, private video calls, meetings, group discussions, own calendar and general chats!

Versatile expo rooms are a great possibility for recruiting events and organizations to present their company and available jobs. Virtual expo rooms are built with the company’s own text, pictures, videos, embed documents, colors and chat and group discussion functions! Liveto has offered a diverse and well functioned platform for multiple recruiting events. With us you will succeed!

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