Personalized Event Pages

All events have autogenerated, personalized, event pages at Liveto. You don’t need to have website for your event to be able to sell your event online – we got you covered here too!
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Landing page for your event

Personalize your event page as you want it and you can skip creating website of your own. You will have an organizer page too, where are shown all the events you are hosting at Liveto. Hosting events at Liveto is a simple and efficient way to event sales.
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Personalized Event Page is simple and engaging way to start sales

Available 24/7

The event pages are at your and your customers use all the time. You can modify, add products and see reports when ever you want. Sales is also active always when you want it to be – this is your event e-commerce solution.

Industry leading customer support

Customer lost it tickets or have some payment problems? No worries, we handle all these on your behalf. You can focus on building successful event business and we will take care of the rest.

Sell anything you want

Liveto is The Event Sales Platform so you can sell basically anything in advance and online you want. Your event page is a “ticket” to where the great event sales is done.

Industry leading event sales tools

Use Liveto and sell more!
Personalized Shop
Sales Pages

Ready to rumble?

Ask us quote – we’ll ship it within 1 hour. Fill out form or just call +358 50 911 6102

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Not convinced yet? See, how our Dropshop® fits on your event page.

Fits perfectly on your event page

Can I use the event page and the event shop simultaneously?

Yes you can! You can also decide to hide the event page from Liveto, if you want to use only the event shop on your event’s website. Everything is easily switched on and off from your organizer account.
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What’s next?

Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.