Non-profit organizations

Virtual events for your foundation and its stakeholders

Organize your community event virtually on the event platform

Organize virtual events for your foundation and its stakeholders on a personalized platform or collect registrations for your in-person event. We understand that the community and networking are in the center of your event and that’s why we bring these elements to the virtual platform.
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Sell tax free-products and collect registrations

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Easy-to-use virtual platform

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Specific analytics

All platform features →

These and many other features in your use:

  • Virtual event analytics – We offer you a specific data, for example the number of the participants, for your project reports and fundings
  • Chat – participants can discuss with each other’s in real-time
  • User groups – create user groups for the participants to make the networking even easier on the event platform
  • Material bank – present your organization’s operations and materials
  • Polls – activate participants with polls and collect valuable feedback
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We make it easy

for event organizers who have chosen Liveto

Organize your event effortlessly and bring your operations and missions to the event platform. Your organizations’ message is the most important thing in the event, and we let it show – a platform built with your brand’s colors and materials.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I sell tax-free tickets/products with Liveto?

Yes you can!

Can I host a smaller webinar on Liveto platform?

Liveto’s virtual event platform is a great choice also for smaller events, like webinars! Platform is built according to your event’s needs – nothing more and nothing less than what you want!

Do all the participants need to register to Liveto?

No, they do not! Our guest login feature makes it possible to log in to the event platform with only a nickname.

Can participants network on the virtual event platform?

Networking is possible on the event platform with messages, group discussions, meetings and video calls – without ever leaving the platform!

Who builds the virtual event platform?

According to the contract either Liveto or customer will be responsible for building the platform. Liveto’s Customer Success Manager will be there to support you through the process.

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Finnish Mental Association and Liveto had great cooperation with virtual event. Final seminar of MIOS project was held virtually on our platform, read more about the solutions from our blog.
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Want to know how we can meet your event’s needs?

Contact us and let’s start something amazing!

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What’s next?

Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.