Moderation Panel

Mange Easily Conversations

Easy Moderation of Chat Conversations

Virtual- and hybrid events and in-person events that use Event App, use chat where attendees can send messages. With Liveto’s new Moderation panel event organizers can easily moderate the conversation – this is a great tool for example for school’s events!
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Just the Right Tools for Mondering

Pre-read and Approve Messages

With the Moderation panel you can set messages to be first approved by moderators before they are seen to everyone on the chat. This way you can be in control of the conversations and be sure that the messages stay proper.

Blocking Inappropriate Words

Blocking inappropriate words from the chat conversations in-advance makes the moderation easier.

Professional Service for Organizers

Liveto has event professionals who will help you to make your event successful! We also have a lot of free materials to support you with event organizing.

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