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1. What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid event combines the best parts of a virtual event and an in-person event. Hybrid events provide their attendees an equal opportunity to participate regardless of location or form of participation. Attendees can either join the event in-person, online or combination of them both. Hybrid events contain two different environments in which attendees can follow content, network and more.
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2. Why host a hybrid event?

When the attendees are given an opportunity to either participate online or in-person in the event venue both the participation rates and customer satisfaction increases. The attendees can decide the most suitable form to participate while taking into account their own schedules and traveling needs. Hybrid events support Green Values as all attendees are not obliged to travel to the venue. A smooth hybrid event requires a platform that seamlessly supports different forms of attendance as well as enables the organizer to monitor the progress of both productions.
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3. Bring all attendees together

Hybrid events allow all attendees to interact and network with each other whether they are physically on-site or online. People can network either in the event venue, virtually or by physically being present on-site and communicating with the attendees online. Liveto’s platform for hybrid events allows a seamless participant experience – attendees can see how the other attendees have joined the event and will be able to choose the best way to connect with them either before, during or after the event.

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4. Create added value for exhibitors & partners

The event organiser can create visibility, interaction as well as leads for partners in hybrid events with the help of exhibitor areas. Partners can choose either if they want be involved in the physical event venue only, involved in the virtual space or be present at both. With just a push of a button, virtual exhibitors can make video calls or presentations of their products to attendees and create genuine connections.

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5. What should be considered when organizing a hybrid event?

Hybrid events require designing two different productions and environments. However they can be based on one event plan. A hybrid event usually creates more costs than just an in-person or virtual event planned on their own. This should be taken into consideration when planning the event and the budget. As there is a bigger audience to be influenced in a hybrid event, the organizer will be able to generate more revenue to partners.

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Challenging times required a new implementation for Jyväskylä Festival

Jyväskylä Festival is a traditional cultural festival organized by the Jyväskylä Festival Association. The festival has been held annually for 65 years and is therefore the oldest continuous festival in the Nordic Countries.

Festival lasts approximately a week consisting of several different cultural events, for this reason, the event is always being planned throughout the whole year. In 2020 all plans for the July festivals that were being planned had to come to a stop due to gathering restrictions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19). The event was forced to be done as a hybrid event. Liveto and Jyväskylä Festival were able to create a successful stream for which there were various different by-products and viewing rights sold.

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Virtual Event Academy will help you become a champion of events!

Liveto’s Virtual Event Academy consists of twelve episodes where you’ll be guided to planning a virtual event and the most critical phases of it. Duration of the videos are approx. 2-5 minutes, so we advise every virtual event organizers to go through these videos before working on the practical execution of the event.
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