Maximize your attendee engagement

Corporate Events
Create personalized registration flows
People Flow -tools
CRM & marketing platform integrations
Personalized event landing pages
Global payment solutions
Virtual & stream event support
GDPR compliant

Boost your event registrations and event engagement easily

Stand out from the other events by providing effortless registration flows boosted with presales tools for the attendees. The event experience starts early before the event, that’s why you need to make sure the attendees have a feeling you got them covered!

Grow your events attendee engagement by handling all the processes from one platform
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Save time and be more efficient

Beautiful Landing Pages

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Create personalized landing pages for your event. You can add registrations flows, sales flows and virtual and stream event support all to the same place.

Efficient Registration Flows

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Maximize the attendee conversions by keeping things simple. Start the event experience with ease of use processes, which makes the customers feel like you are the boss!

Global Payment Solutions

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Nevertheless where the customers are coming, our platform provides all the necessary payment solutions for making buying easy, effortless and secure!

Virtual & Stream Event Support

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Are you planning on organizing the event online or as an hybrid model? We cover all your needs by providing tools for online and hybrid events too. Organizers life couldn’t be more easy.

Analytics & Reports

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Give personalized analytic and report permission for your team and ecosystem members. Lead your event businesses growth by numbers – not just by feeling. We love events and numbers too!

Build an Outstanding Customer Experience for your Event

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How to choose your event platforms?

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You name it. Liveto Event Sales Platform gets you covered.

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Not convinced yet? See, how our Dropshop® fits on your event page.

Fits perfectly on your event page

Most valuable thing is your event and customer data, make the best out of it!

Take the data where it belongs and maximize your events and businesses marketing processes. Liveto offers API integrations to Mailchimp and Hubspot Connect. You can now easily bring your events customer data to your marketing and CRM-systems and make it rain! GDPR wise event organizers are always the data owners in our house.
No compliance headaches
Security engineered into Liveto
Robust account protection tools
It’s your data, not ours

What’s next?

Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.