Enjoying events has never been this easy

Virtual & Stream Events
Effortless buying during the stream
Online interactions: Chat, polls, etc.
Real-time reports & analytics
Pay-per-view & merchandise sales
Sensible pricing
Efficient customer service

Create stream events with ease!

With our platform you can create stream and virtual events effortlessly. In just an hour you have a fully functioning online event. Sounds good, right?

Our platform provides all the necessary tools for creating, broadcasting and selling online events.
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Amazing platform for virtual and streaming events

Platform for your every need

With our platform you can create a personalized sales page with a modern integrated store for your event in a blink of an eye!

Video and streaming

We have organized all the partners you need to create a successful online event.

Monetize the viewing time

Sell merchandise, tickets, additional services or even the guitar from the artist’s hands during the show!


Sell access codes safely from your personalized event page. We make sure that the codes are unique and used only once.

Interaction tools

Create an awesome and interactive experience for your audience. With live chats, polls and voting tools you can engage your customers better.

Microtransactions and reactions

Give the customers their “fifteen seconds of fame”. Audience has now a new way to support the artist or the show.

Live streaming: what, where, how?

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Hosting a webinar

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3 steps to engage your audience

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You name it. Liveto Event Sales Platform gets you covered.

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Not convinced yet? See, how our Dropshop® fits on your event page.

Fits perfectly on your event page

Most valuable thing is your event and customer data, make the best out of it!

Take the data where it belongs and maximize your events and businesses marketing processes. Liveto offers API integrations to Mailchimp and Hubspot Connect. You can now easily bring your events customer data to your marketing and CRM-systems and make it rain! GDPR wise event organizers are always the data owners in our house.
No compliance headaches
Security engineered into Liveto
Robust account protection tools
It’s your data, not ours

What’s next?

Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.