Online events and the opportunity for participants to be present remotely

Organize a variety of events to meet the needs of your school on the event platform

Take your school’s event online and give participants the possibility to be present while remote. Liveto’s virtual event platform is flexible and suitable for all your event’s needs. Level up your in-person event to national level with a virtual event platform and create for example virtual routes through school and group discussions, all in one platform.
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Networking tools for every event

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Specific analytics and data

All platform features →

Easy log in with for example Haka account

All platform features →

These and many other features in your use:

  • Possibility for multiple stages – streams for different stages on the platform
  • Group discussions – possibility to have for example workshops with camera and microphone on
  • Networking tools – consultations and meetings with private messages and video calls are possible on the Liveto’s event platform
  • Specific analytics from your virtual event – see what virtual stands were the most popular ones!
  • Own calendar – every participant with Liveto profile has their own calendar in which they can mark parts of the program that interest they the most
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We make it easy

for event organizers who have chosen Liveto

For example, virtual open days have been held on Liveto’s platform with great success. We have a very successful collaboration history with Aalto University, and they have adapted the platform for their events. As event organizer you have the possibility to edit and build the platform for yourself – make this a real-life learning possibility for your students! Events made for you, by you.
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Frequently asked questions

Is there a maximum number of participants for virtual event?

Number of participants is negotiated according to the contract.

Can participants network on the virtual event platform?

Networking is possible on the event platform with messages, group discussions, meetings and video calls – without ever leaving the platform!

Who produces the stream?

If you already have a technical partner, we can embed their stream to the event platform. We are happy to help you choose the right partner for streaming from our partners!

Do all the participants need to register to Liveto?

No, they do not! Our guest login feature makes it possible to log in to the event platform with only a nickname.

How can underage students participate to virtual event?

Underage students can participate with nicknames when no information is collected about them.

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Liveto and Haaga Helia have had very good cooperation. Students of Haaga Helia say that Liveto’s platform is easy to use, and they have also had positive feedback from event’s participants. Read more about the cooperation from here.
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What’s next?

Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.