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Example ticket sales are often viewed as an integral part of the event, often you guide the customers to the site of the other factors, not your own website. Every extra step lowers the customers’ interest towards the event and the ticket buying process – while your brand’s appeal to the customers is getting worse. Event organizers should invest in every area for seamless and unified brand and buying experience.

Liveto analyctics


You can see comprehensive sales and subscription reports, and you can monitor it even in your mobile device anytime. The dashboard is specifically designed for the needs of an event organizer. You can check how the marketing converts variable to sales, view daily sales changes or where are your buyers from – all this in the same place.


Liveto is built on under of the conditions of modern bargaining. Our service is easy to connect to any modern services, CRM or communication tools. Integration is an important part of your need for seamless data movement and you don’t need to build the whole universe alone.

Pyydä tarjous
Pyydä tarjous

“The most important thing for event organizers is to have a reliable partner”

Rowan Rafferty, Nem Agency Oy


Do you have to pay for testing the service?

It is free. You can test the service without any risks. You can open the free account from “create event” button. By testing the service you can see how easy it is to use.

How does sales accounting work?

When an event is ready and put up for sale, you can see every transaction in the event organizer dashboard. The event sale is initially accounted for after the event at one time. You can withdraw money during the sales if you want to. Liveto only manages funds.

Can an event shop be embedded into any webpage?

Can an event shop be embedded into any webpage? Yes it can! It works with any publishing systems. Shop is optimized to work with the Wordpress publishing system, it has its own add-on and it is very easy to install and activate (WE RECOMMEND). Event shop embedding is done by either an add-on or a single script, you can find both in the organizer’s dashboard.

Why your own event shop is the best solution?

Customers are always looking for events from the a) Google b) Facebook, ending up on events own channel. You can find your own event shop right there on the event channel. That way you can create a better buying experience for the customers.

What if I panic and do not get my sales open?

Liveto is known for its first-class customer service. You can contact us via chat, email or phone. We help all of our clients and those who are interested in our services. You don’t have to be afraid to do it alone, we always want to help to get the best results.

How is GDPR taken into account in Liveto’s service?

The Privacy Policy has taken full consideration both consumers and event organizers. Consumers information can be found in register summary and organizers in the Privacy Statement (DPA). The event organizer is register controller and Liveto is handler – so the organizers can access all the necessary participant data.

“Liveto doubled our pre-sales transaction”

Jukkis Peltonen, Unbroken

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