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Successful event requires active communications before, during and after the event. Create powerful communications strategy and perform it with our help!

Email marketing made easy

You can now use your existing email software’s flawlessly as a part of your event sales and its communications. By using Liveto, you can integrate the sales and registration platform with your existing email tools – forget all the extra hassle with having messaging in different services. We want you to use top notch solutions for all your needs.

WhatsApp with your attendees

Schedule greeting letters and your events timetables for the attendees as a WhatsApp-message. You can create, manage and send WhatsApp-messages to all your attendees or to dedicated groups straight from your organizer account. Communicate with the most popular platform powered by Liveto!

Invest to communication with quality

Engaging communications

Maximize your attendees event engagement with flawless communications during the event production. Communicate, engage and create better event experiences.

Multichannel communications

One platform all communication tools. All you need is Liveto to create efficient and stress-free event communications.

Industry leading experiences

Liveto makes event organizers life easier, which helps on creating unique and memorable event experiences. Communicate, manage orders and serve your customers all in one platform.

Industry leading event sales tools

Use Liveto and sell more!
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SMS-messages for all purposes

If WhatsApp does not feel right for your communications strategy and customers, you can always use the classic SMS-messaging. What would be better than to have personalized SMS-messages in the morning of the event you have been waiting for the whole year – “today is the day!”. You can also use the different mobile communications tools simultaneously.

What’s next?

Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.