Analytics for professionals

We both want to know what’s the conversion rate and drop-off percent of your sales. Therefore we provide professional analytic tools for this and for many other important metric surveillance. All the analytic tools are easy to use and ready to rock with you!
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Intelligent analytics saves times

Tired of playing around in Google Analytics? We provide the most important analytics with ease straight from your main dashboard. You don’t need to install any other analytics tools for getting the most out of your online data! We got this covered.
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Follow the key metrics

Our event sales platforms professional analytic tools makes your business development work easier. Define the most important key metrics for your event business and we will take care of the rest. All the metrics are shown in preprocessed form by our intelligent analytics.
  • Follow key metrics you value the most with a press of a button.
  • Connect Google Tag Manager and Hubspot to your Liveto account and make your numbers supercharged.
  • Take advantage of the numbers on daily bases – numbers never lie!
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A natural part of your website content

Improve user experience

Create great user experiences by keeping the customers always on your website and offering everything the need in advance. Customers will automatically be exposed more to your brand too.

Generate more sales

The simpler the sales process, the better. When all starts with a click on your homepage, you will have better sales conversion. Sell anything in advance from parking fees to VIP-packages, you name it.

Own the event data

Your event, your data. Manage your growth by smart data and take it where you want. Your are the data controller so use our beautiful API-solutions to enrich your existing user databases.

Industry leading event sales tools

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Connect Google Tag Manager to your account

If you prefer working with Google Tag Manager and have already built personalized dashboards for it, take your sales data there with ease. Liveto provides comprehensive GTM support for tracking and measuring your success from your Google Marketing Platform.
  • Connect your GTM account to Liveto and take analyctics data where you want
  • Add tags and triggers to your website and to your personalized event sales shop
  • Create personalized tracking codes and campaigns
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What’s next?

Interested but got some questions? Our rock solid Customer Success -team answers all your questions and helps you towards a successful event.