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Over the last three years only one (1) client has left from Liveto. Instead, we get new customers in every week, because of our love towards event organizers. Our mission is to help events to succeed. We will make all our decisions to develop our system on the basis of which will help the event organizers to succeed better. Our goal is to make you want to give us five star rating.


Customer experiences from Liveto

Kalevan Kisat

Kalevan Kisat is 111 year old track and field competition that was held in Jyväskylä Harju summer of 2018. The first year of collaborating with Liveto competition broke advanced ticket sales records and reached over the visitor target. Watch the story of the event and how they experienced cooperating with Liveto.

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John Smith Rock Festival

The heaviest festival in Finland. John Smith Rock Festival gathered 5000 rock and heavy music fans per day in the amazing views of Peurunka. John Smith is known its excellent atmosphere and how they take care of the customers’ needs. MOSH!

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Paviljongin PikkujouluCircus on uudenlainen pikkujoulutapahtuma, joka järjestettiin ensimmäisen kerran Jyväskylässä vuonna 2018. Tapahtuman tavoitteena on panostaa visuaalisuuteen – toisin kuin kilpailevat tapahtumat monesti luottavat vain artistien vetovoimaisuuteen ja menevät yksinkertaisella ilmeellä. Katso Hanna Kiilamaan kommentit Livetosta!

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CF Winter War

The best known Crossfit competition in Finland is held in Tampere Tähtiareena once a year. Compete gathers together elite athletes and over 2000 sports fans. Winter War has been a happy client of Liveto 3 years now. The event has been growing bigger year after year – but what is the secret receipt of the growth?

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Rockfestari Naamat

Finnish Rockfestival Naamat is festival unlike other Rockfestivals in Finland and it has been sold out every year even before any of the performances are announced. The popularity of the event has made many tiket sale systems crash. Livetos’ new system is built to managed pressure of the high event sales. Naamat is good example how to make outstanding customer experience and other events should take example from this event.

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Suomen Häämessut

Picture perfect brides, new products and thousands of customers – that is Finnish Wedding Expo. The event is held in Jyväskylä and Oulu and both Expos are glowing with quality and excellent content. Compared to another Expos this one sells more tickets in advance than usual Expos – Is the reason bold dynamic pricing?

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”Are you ready to breathe, hard” that was the slogan for the Swiss Alpine Battle that was held in 1400 meters above the water. This event was our first international client and now you can read how our teamwork went.

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One of the best known teams in Central Finland is JJK! JJK has their home stadium in Jyväskylä Harju, and the team plays in Veikkausliiga. In year 2017 JJK had an collaboration with Liveto, and they used Liveto’s service for selling tickets in advance.

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Kauppakadun Approbatur

Kauppakadun Approbatur is the biggest student event in Jyvaskyla with almost 8000 participants in 2017. The history of the event goes as far as 1960 when the event was first time created by few students.

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Savon Erämessut

Erämessut are held in every two years alternately in Kuopio and Riihimäki. In year 2017 Erämessut were held at Kuopio Halli and event gathered over 30 000 visitors in two days, amazing.

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Bisnestapahtuma Synty

Uusi mielenkiintoinen bisnestapahtuma nimeltä Synty valloitti Itä-Suomen ensimmäistä kertaa keväällä 2019. Tapahtumassa nähtiin mielenkiintoisia puheenvuoroja sekä henkilötarinoita tahoilta kuten Andrei Koivumäki, Sani Leino ja Patrik Sarinko. Tsekkaa mistä tapahtumassa kyse ja järjestäjä Aki Karkulahden kokemukset Livetosta!

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Swiss Alpine Battle

”Are you ready to breathe, hard” that was the slogan for the Swiss Alpine Battle that was held in 1400 meters above the water. This event was our first international client and now you can read how our teamwork went.

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Ruka Spring Break

Ruka Spring Break on perinteinen rinnekansan festari, jossa uniikki ja erottuva sisältö ovat pääosassa. Tapahtuma on tehnyt yhteistyötä Liveton kanssa jo usean vuoden ajan.

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